Summer Programs

Summers are usually filled with vacations, video games, Beach trips, Amusement Parks and fun, but it generally doesn’t leave time for students to keep up with everything they learned over the school year. Most teachers have to spend the first month of school reviewing concepts that were taught the previous year, just so students can get back into the groove of school and learning.

Summers are the perfect time for students to review concepts from the previous year and even get ahead for the following year. There is no such thing as being over-prepared for school. Summer also provides students the luxury of working with a tutor without having to stress out about turning in a Homework assignment, studying for a test or working on a project. It is the perfect time to prepare for Admissions Tests, read and discuss some of the books that will be read in the Fall, or learn new concepts from the upcoming Math class. Take advantage of the flexible schedule and the extra time and utilize summer as a learning advantage!