California Department of Education
This website has book lists that are approved for Summer and Outside reading. To find out which level your student currently reads at, look on their most recent STAR Test report. Type in the number a level appropriate booklist will open.

The company that creates the SAT, SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams has many resources on their website. You can register for any of these exams online, download practice problems and have the SAT word of the day e-mailed directly to you. You can also check your score online for any of these exams.

ACT Test Prep
Since the ACT is administered by a separate company than the SAT, they have their own website. This website also has access to practice questions and tips on how to prepare for the exam.

Let’s be honest, College isn’t exactly affordable these days. Fortunately, many scholarships, grants and contests are held through various organizations that can help fund your student through college. Even Freshmen are eligible to apply for certain scholarships and contests, showing once more that it is never to early to prepare for College.