Prepare. Sessions are billed from the time the tutor arrives until the time the tutor leaves. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make sure that your students are prepared when they arrive. Make sure that all homework and assignments are out and ready, as well as all books, paper and material that are needed for the session.

Practice. Tutors have access to supplemental learning materials for multiple subjects. Please keep them informed about what your student is working on and struggling with and they can bring extra worksheets to their scheduled session.

Peace. Please try to create a peaceful study environment free from distractions. Some of the best areas to work are dining rooms or kitchen tables. Each house has a different layout, but ordinarily any room that has little to no traffic coming through works best.

Positive. Sometimes students just need to know that they have a team of people supporting them through some difficult classes. A positive outlook from the parents help the students keep a positive outlook, and often times that makes all the difference. Stay positive!